About Us

The division of Water Pollution Control (WPC) is responsible for managing the sanitary sewage and stormwater collection system in Cleveland. The system is comprised of 1,436 miles of sewer lines with attendant catch basins and 15 pump stations. Utilizing divisional equipment and manpower, WPC cleans and services approximately 18,000 catch basins per year. To eliminate potential street and basement flooding. The sewer collection system transfers sanitary sewage and stormwater from its point of origin to treatment facilities. WPC also implements pollution prevention programs through Public Involvement and Public Education (PIPE). Click for more information on the PIPE program and Stormwater Management.

WPC Vision Statement

WPC is an innovative steward and leader in the stormwater and wastewater industry and a model customer service provider.

WPC Mission Statement

To provide superior leadership, excellent customer service and innovative stormwater and wastewater infrastructure management for a safe and sustainable environment.

Water Pollution Control along with the Division of Water, Cleveland Public Power, the Office of Sustainability, the Division of Radio Communication and the Division of Fiscal Control, make up the Department of Public Utilities. The Division of Water Pollution Control (WPC) is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the network of sewers in the city of Cleveland. The network carries sanitary sewage, stormwater and industrial waste from their points of origin to sewage processing facilities for treatment and disposal. Protecting the health and environment of Cleveland residents and visitors is vitally important. WPC maintains, cleans, repairs and improves sewers and their appendages.

storm drain curb marker

A downspout drains to a rain garden at the WPC facility on Kirby Road

As the stormwater management agent for the City of Cleveland, WPC also is charged with managing and supervising matters relating to the elimination, control and regulation of water pollution within Cleveland city limits. Between January and December of 2009, WPC undertook the first phase of a massive infrastructure improvement project in the Chevy Branch area of Big Creek. Big Creek is the third largest tributary to the Cuyahoga River. WPC replaced eight culverts, cleaned and restored 4,500 linear feet of stream. See the Construction Projects page for information on other improvement projects completed by WPC.