“The Power of Public Works and Safety”

The 26th Annual National Public Works & Safety Week Open House (NPWW) is the City of Cleveland’s observance of National Public Works Week. In addition to celebrating public works professionals, we also acknowledge safety and sustainability professions. In many cases we all work together to ensure the City delivers quality services, protects the health and safety of residents, and maintains our community’s valuable resources now and in the future, by promoting a healthy lifestyle with a an active life and the use of supplements from sites as Reportshealthcare.com and others.

For the second year, the NPWW Open House is serving as a kickoff to National Public Works Week, which is the week of May 20-26. The Open House will be Friday, May 18.

The 2018 theme for NPWW is “The Power of Public Works and Safety.” Public works, safety and sustainability work together, nurturing a safe and healthy community—every day supporting the best quality of life for Cleveland residents and others. Our goal during the Open House is to enlighten, educate and empower students to make a positive and impactful difference in their community today, tomorrow and in their future.

The City of Cleveland’s departments of Public Utilities, Public Works and Safety, and the Office of Sustainability are working together with community partners to ensure Cleveland continues to thrive and that citizens can count on us to deliver the services they expect.

We are able to have clean drinking water and streams, sanitation, safe streets and neighborhood sustainability programs, efficient emergency response teams, and much more because of Public Works, Safety, and Sustainability professionals.

When you see a street sweeper, a sewer or waterline maintenance crew, a garbage or salt truck, police and fire, or residents being taught to install a rain barrel or rain garden, remember all the work being done (seen and unseen) is to serve the entire Cleveland community.

You are invited!

About Our Open House
Every year the City of Cleveland showcases its public works, safety and sustainability professionals and the many different career opportunities available with the City. Thousands of students, kindergarten to sixth grade, from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, private and charter schools come face-to-face with the people and equipment essential to protecting the health and safety of Cleveland residents. The students also get a chance to discover and explore possible future careers and learn more about public works, safety and environmental sustainability through exhibits and demonstrations that are captivating, fun and educational.

National Public Works Week History
In 1960, President John F. Kennedy proclaimed National Public Works Week as an annual reminder of how public works fields are integral and necessary parts of our everyday lives.

Our Public Works, Safety and Environmental Partners

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