Protecting the environment and health of Cleveland residents and visitors is vitally important to Water Pollution Control (WPC). The division is responsible for the wastewater and stormwater collection systems. Cleveland’s sewer system is comprised of 1,435 miles of sewer lines, about 43,500 catch basins/storm drains and 11 pump stations.

WPC cleans and services thousands of catch basins and storm drains annually to minimize or eliminate potential street and basement flooding. The sewer collection system transfers sanitary sewage and stormwater from its points of origin to three local wastewater treatment facilities owned and operated by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. As stormwater manager, WPC is charged by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency with managing and supervising matters relating to the elimination, control and regulation of water pollution within the city of Cleveland. As stormwater manager, WPC has enforcement authority to set fines and even halt water service.


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Water Pollution Control is a part of the Cleveland Department of Public Utilities. Daily decisions at the division level are guided by leadership whose operational goals are closely tied to former Mayor Frank G. Jackson’s goals of creating and sustaining a green city on a blue lake. Commissioner Ramona Lowery and her team strategically plan to meet operational and budgetary goals as well as be a proactive environmental steward.


Commissioner Lowery

Ramona Lowery - Ferrell

WPC Commissioner

Lowery became Commissioner in 2020 after serving as Deputy Commissioner for five years. She has come full circle in her career. In 1996, Lowery became the first female engineer hired at WPC soon after graduating from Cleveland State University. Following several progressive jobs elsewhere, including with Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, and obtaining two graduate degrees, she returned to WPC in 2015.

A priority for Lowery is to ensure that WPC's 140 employees deliver reliable, efficient service, sustains Cleveland's sewer infrastructure, and thrives as the city's official stormwater manager.


Our Mission

Provide superior leadership, excellent customer service and innovative stormwater and wastewater infrastructure management for a safe and sustainable environment.


Be an innovative steward and leader in the stormwater and wastewater industry and a model customer service provider.

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What We Do

Provide sewer maintenance and stormwater management for the City of Cleveland