Sewer Permit Fees

Sewer connection fees are established by the city of Cleveland Board of Control, Resolution 0392-06. Cleveland's mayor and the director of each city department constitute the Board of Control.

Permit Fee
Bulkhead $95
Repair $230
Extend $630
Lay $665
Re-Inspection $277
Miscellaneous $112




Permit Payments

Checks submitted to purchase permits must include the company name of the licensed licensed sewer builder, the person presenting the check must have a letter of authorization on company letterhead that includes the date, the representative's name, signature of the sewer builder and location of the work. The authorized person also must show valid identification, name, address and telephone number. Checks will not be accepted without the proper information.


A Permit is Required Before Excavation

  • All plans and permits required from Water Pollution Control must be kept at the work site while the work is in progress. This is in accordance with City of Cleveland Codified Ordinances, Section 541.05 (2)(f). No exceptions.
  • No sewer permit will be approved and no work will be accepted without an inspection of the exterior and the interior of the pipe by a Water Pollution Control inspector.
  • Requests for inspections by a Water Pollution Control Inspector of new or existing construction must be made weekdays before 1:00 p.m.


Plumbing Permit

A plumbing permit for sewer-related work can be obtained through Building & Housing at Cleveland City Hall, 601 Lakeside Ave., Cleveland, OH 44114. The base price for a Plumbing Permit is $51.50. The charge is $13.00 per linear feet. If the linear feet purchased is less than the $51.50, it gets rounded up to that base price.

For more information, contact WPC Customer Service via email or call 216-664-2513. 

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