Protecting the environment and health of Cleveland residents and visitors is vitally important to Water Pollution Control. Therefore, an educated and informed community is crucial to the success of our efforts as the city’s sewer maintenance division and stormwater manager.

Our Education and Outreach team participates in at least 50 events a year to engage the community, informing them of our services, as well as the environmental activities and projects we coordinate for further education.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as part of Cleveland’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit, requires Cleveland have an education and outreach program to teach residents and business owners about the impact of stormwater discharge on the environment as well as the sewer infrastructure and their properties. 

A knowledgeable community can help reduce and eliminate pollution in stormwater and help identify violations, such as illegal dumping and illicit discharges.

The Cleveland Stormwater Management Program Plan 


Stormwater pollution is a big deal because there is no one source. Nonpoint source pollution is the leading cause of water quality problems. Nonpoint source means we do not know the origin of the pollution. Rain and snow melt carry contaminants on the ground to the nearest body of water. All of us are potential contributors by littering, allowing our vehicles to drip fluids and discarding hazardous household chemicals on the ground. 


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