City of Cleveland Fixed Sewer Rates

Sewer rates help Cleveland Water Pollution Control (WPC) conduct daily maintenance and repairs to the city’s aging sewer infrastructure, including 11 pump stations.

Residential properties within the city of Cleveland are assessed a fixed sewer maintenance rate per month. Properties with larger meters are assessed at a higher rate. The funds also help us address sewer issues more proactively and better plan service to Cleveland residents and business owners.

Currently, about 27% of the city’s 1,436 miles of storm and wastewater sewer lines are more than 100 years old. More frequently there are problems with collapsing sewer pipes that cause street cavings and sometimes there is street and basement flooding because of blockages and sewer line breaks.

A rate discount program is available for senior citizens or income-eligible customers who are homeowners and may need assistance. For more information about the Cleveland Homestead Program, go to Cleveland Homestead Program or call (216)664-2513.


Monthly Fixed Charge

  2022 2023 2024
5/8" to 1" Meter $6.90 $7.95 $8.90
Homestead Discount Program $4.15 $4.75 $5.35

Monthly Usage Charge

  2022 2023 2024
Per MCF $14.03 $15.43 $16.97
Homestead Discount Program $8.32 $9.15 $10.06

1 MCF = 7,480 gallons


Understand Your Sewer Rates

Dispatcher Keys

Contact customer service at (216) 664-2513 when you observe:

  • Street flooding.
  • Blocked or damaged storm drains/catch basins.
  • Missing storm drain covers, manhole covers or broken grates.
  • A caved-in street.
  • A hole in a tree lawn.
  • Anyone pouring or putting anything into a catch basin or storm drain or dumping trash.