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Property owners are responsible for any sewer issues on their property and from their property to the curb. That can include a caved-in yard or sewage backed up in your basement. You should notify Water Pollution Control(WPC) to investigate the problem. If the main sewer is flowing properly you will need to hire a licensed and bonded plumber to clear the connection. It is your responsibility to make repairs if the problem in the connection is found to be between the property and the curb.

If you hire a licensed and bonded plumber before contacting WPC and that plumber determines the problem between the curb and the main sewer, you need to get the plumber’s receipt noting the problem and exact location of the problem, and then contact WPC.

Water Pollution Control is responsible for sewer-related issues from the curb to the main sewer, which typically runs down the center of a street. WPC will repair the problem if a WPC Inspector determines the issue is on our end.